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I want to help you be the best version of yourself. Together, we will collaborate to help you overcome challenges and live a more fulfilling life. It can be so hard to juggle life, family, and/or self care while also working or going to school.


I am here to be a warm and empathic support, who will also be a straight-shooter with you, laughing with you when helpful, and being more serious when necessary. I am passionate about helping clients with issues related to family or romantic relationships, anxiety, depression, LGBTQ+ identities, and gender identity. 


Becca Bubb (she/her)

I use a balance of warmth, compassion, and humor to build a trusting relationship, which I believe to be fundamental in creating change. I approach each session with the understanding that each individual is the expert of their life and what they need, so I work to understand and support the individual in meeting their personal goals.


By providing space to explore identity, history, and day-to-day challenges, I will help you to explore the underpinnings of what is going on for you, while also developing in-the-moment skills, so you can meet your goals and live a richer, fuller life. With extensive college counseling experience, I am a great option for students going away to college. I am authorized to practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology through PSYPACT, which means I am able to provide telehealth in most states

I am a licensed psychologist in the state of PA, and have been practicing therapy since 2009.

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Krizia Wearing, M.S. (she/her)

Taking the first step towards healing can be hard. Whether you are struggling with issues related to anxiety, trauma, addiction, relationship problems, or major life changes, I am here to help you cope with many of life’s challenges and guide you through any obstacles you may face.


As a therapist, my goal is to support and connect with you as you learn more about yourself and the life you want to lead. Together, we will help you look more deeply into how your underlying thoughts, emotions, early life experiences, and intersecting identities shape how you understand and respond to the world and your relationships. I will strive to support you in becoming more aware of your patterns so that you can develop healthier ways of relating to yourself and those around you.


My approach is to provide you with a space that is centered in warmth, curiosity, exploration, and mutual trust. During our work together, I allow you to choose what we talk about during our sessions. I also understand that life can be filled with unexpected turns and transitions and that the focus of therapy might change, too. I will balance supporting you as we navigate any stressful situation or life event you are facing while helping you to achieve your long-term goals. We will also help you identify important pieces of the puzzle that make you who you are and rearrange them in ways that allow for positive change and deeper growth.

I have immediate openings- reach out to connect!

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Kris Burke (they/them)


I am a therapist who is passionate about working with clients who are often seen outside the “typical,” including transgender, gender expansive, LGBTQIA+, and neurodivergent individuals. I provide counseling for adolescents, adults, and families in the greater Philadelphia area. 


In my work, I aim to provide a safe space for clients to navigate challenges and build strength in a supportive environment. I also enjoy working with individuals who are seeking support with topics such as life transitions, interpersonal relationships, anxiety, depression, and eating concerns. I have experience in college counseling and enjoy working with students and emerging adults on their unique challenges.


I am a queer, trans non-binary therapist and I believe deeply in working toward social justice, so I pay close attention to your intersecting identities and environments to help us both understand your experiences.


I believe that the relationship we build together is vital in creating change in your life, and I always work to build your trust through warmth, compassion, and acceptance.

I have immediate openings- reach out to connect!

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